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About Star Academy

Star Academy is a public, non- tuition charter school serving grades 7-12. Star is a member of Sequoia Choice LEA, managed by Edkey. Since 2005, Star Academy has offered a unique educational opportunity for students who enjoy performing arts while learning in an online, self-paced environment. Students who attend Star are looking for an educational community where they are encouraged to be themselves while fulfilling their goals and dreams. Each day, Star students work toward higher academic achievement, develop their talents, and grow towards a successful adult life.

Star Academy offers the full complement of required Jr. High and High School courses through Sequoia Choice Arizona Distance Learning accessible in our classroom learning labs. Each classroom is run by a certified teacher who helps students succeed in their online courses taught by highly qualified teachers. Many students also participate in our Early College Credit program while at Star. The Early College Credit program allows students to take college courses tuition free, earning college credit while attending high school.

For a majority of the students, afternoons are filled with dance, vocals, theatre, or theatre tech electives for the novice to excelling performer. After school hours are dedicated to Stars on Stage and play rehearsals. These afterschool electives provide an opportunity for the student who desire additional show opportunities.

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