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In Person Electives


Dance is a physical class where students will learn the basic to advanced steps of various styles. Daily lessons will include interactive vocabulary to develop and perfect movement quality and performance skills. This class is great for dancers of all levels as it is designed to excite and inspire students in their own abilities.


Theatre class is for both beginning and experienced actors. Students will hone their skills in improv, scene work, and audition preparation. In addition to this correct stage terms and etiquette will be incorporated into daily active assignments. Many students will be able to leave class with a professional demeanor and insight into the world of theatre.


Tech is the main support for all major theatre productions. In this class students will learn the use of lighting, sound and correct stage terminology. A weekly list of theatrical tech jobs throughout the valley are also made available to students who wish to take the abilities learned in class and work towards a career.


Vocals at Sequoia Star Academy is a highly interactive class, in which students will explore a variety of styles of music, from Renaissance lyrical to modern popular. Students will also learn basic music theory, from “how to draw a music staff” to “how to read simple rhythms.” Between solo opportunities or basic unison melodies, there is a place for everyone in Vocals. The classroom doors are open to any students looking for a chance to expand their knowledge of the musical realm.

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