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Junior High

The 7th and 8th graders at Star are offered a large variety of courses. Each student works with their Academic Coach to determine their own learning path. Many of the 7th and 8th graders begin to earn high school credit while still being in Jr. High School. At Star we believe that student may move into high school courses once the state standards for Jr. High have been successfully demonstrated.

Academic Coach:
All Jr. High students begin their experience with an orientation course, taught by their Academic Coach, that prepares the students for online learning. The Academic Coach is available in the classroom to assist the students in the management of online education, offer individual and small group instruction, and troubleshoot technical problems. The Academic Coach is also a valuable liaison for the students to their online highly qualified teachers.

Jr. High Core Courses:
Core courses are the four basic courses required for promotion into high school. Jr. High students are expected to pass English, Math, Science and History in both 7th and 8th grade. Because Star allows students to work at their own pace, many students are often working ahead of schedule and many begin to earn high school credit while still in Jr. High. Courses remain open throughout the breaks and summer to allow the students to continue to work ahead, or to catch up when they are behind and wish remain with their grade level peers. In our school, students do not need to go back and start courses over if they have not completed the course by the end of the semester. Instead, they are expected to continue working until the course is completed. Students who do not complete all required courses will not be promoted to high school until they are ready.

Jr. High Electives:
Star Jr. High students who wish to earn high school credit may begin to do so by completing high school elective credit. Electives at Star are available online and in-person. The in-person electives include Dance, Vocals, Theatre, and Theatre Tech. The online electives offer a large variety of choice, ranging from Culinary Arts, Gothic Literature, and Psychology just to name a few. Successful completion of an online elective or an in-person elective can award a Jr. High student with high school credit if all criteria are met.

Star Academy Selectives:
Star Academy is as busy after school hours as it is during the day! Star offers two “Selective” opportunities to their students and other students within the Sequoia School System. Both Stars on Stage and the theatre productions are by audition only. All students are encouraged to audition if they are interested in participating in these performing groups.

Parent Involvement:
Parents of Jr. High students are able to be involved at various levels. Our school size allows for each student and their parents to be known. Parents can access their students school work, progress report, and course assignments at any time just by logging into our Learning Management System. Parents are able to watch their students perform frequently and are welcome as volunteers to make our performing arts the best it can be.

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