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Support Star Academy

There are many ways to support the students at Sequoia Star Academy. Star Academy provides students the opportunity to use their talents and energy in positive ways through the performing arts. Our students love to perform throughout the community. Students and staff our continually looking for additional resources to offset the expense of performing, costumes, sets, and other technical equipment. If you are interested in supporting us please contact Lynn McConnell at 480-834-7400. We will gladly accept your donation of equipment, time, gift certificates, or just about anything else that will allow us to subsidize our program.

ECA Tax Credit

Arizona Tax Credit Parents, relatives and friends can help support their favorite student’s education by taking advantage of the Arizona Extracurricular Activity School Tax Credit (ECA).

It’s a win-win for you and the school. The State of Arizona allows a tax credit of up to $200 for individuals and $400 for married couples filing jointly, for fees or donations paid to a public school in support of extracurricular activities such as field trips, science camp and music programs.

The beauty of the tax credit is that it costs you nothing, gives you a say in how your tax dollars are spent and reduces your tax bill by whatever amount you donate. Let’s say you donate $400 to an eligible school activity, you can reduce your Arizona tax bill by $400 or if you expect a refund it can be $400 more.

So while you are writing yourself a lower tax bill you are also supporting many wonderful programs that might not otherwise exist. Last year, taxpayers like you helped cover the costs of field trips; after-school programs; admission to plays, concerts, parks, museums and nature camps; along with music, art and physical education programs. Simply put, tax credit donations make possible a wide range of learning opportunities that our children would not otherwise have. And you don’t even need to have a child in the school to benefit from this tax credit. Making a donation is easy – just call (480) 461-3222 or use the Stripe Donate button below to donate online. You can also mail in a donation using this form.

We appreciate your support of our students’ activities.

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